Russian Team Championships Russian Team Rapid and Blitz Championship Dutch Open in Dieren Final Rapid Grand Prix of Russia This continued for almost a year and a half. This was a dominant performance that justified his decision to steer for the tie-breaks probably as early as just after the opening of game MP Reykjavik Open

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World Junior Championships Cez Trophy So vs Navara Nakamura vs Caruana at the London Chess Classic.

The Week in Chess – Wikipedia

cess Women’s World Blitz Chess Championships National Open Las Vegas British Rapidplay Mini-Site Russian Chess Championships Higher League So, there you have it. Tradewise Gibraltar Masters IX Gyorgy Marx Memorial.

I first heard of the internet during the Fischer-Spassky II match when a friend on mine got the moves from the internet. US Women and Junior Championships The 10th London Chess Classic took place 8th to 17th December. Asian Nations Cup It sometimes seems that every single English language chess twic chess site, not to mention many non-English language chess sites, has a link to TWIC’s main page.


The Week in Chess

Alex Baburin Chess Auction includes items of Twic chess interest. Casino GM in Barcelona European Team Championships Warsaw Karpov vs Miljkovic Rapid and Blitz Match Wei Yi – Richard Rapport Match Hungary vs Poland Training Match Portisch at 75 Rapid World Rapid and Blitz Championships Buenos Aires Masters London League hosts strongest ever match.

David Navara vs Victor Laznicka Match.

Carlsen appearance on US TV news magazine 60 minutes. A month and a half earlier, Garry Kasparov and Nigel Short had announced their intention to play their forthcoming World Championship match outside the jurisdiction of FIDE, an event which, after a few heady years, eventually sent world chess sponsorship into a tailspin from which it has yet to recover. Amir Timur th Twic chess Rapid Riga Technical University Open Chess Magazine at War. First issue 17th September This chdss for almost a year and a half.

ECF Counties Finals The Week in Chess is a free weekly Twic chess publication in two parts, a text and a games section either in ChessBase or PGN format rounding up the most important chess of the previous week.