Anyone know this issue with Teradata How do I get it? This explanation of yours above, of the whole process is concise, accurate and what more?! With the stand-alone tools one would have to write two scripts in two different languages and put a problematic named pipe in between the two tools to pass data. Overview Articles Reference Training.

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Currently, the stand-alone load tools are being supported indefinitely and no discontinuation notice has yet been issued. This looks like a pretty cool application of Parallel Transporter.

There are teradata parallel transporter features when using the script interface that makes writing a load job much easier. Does not use one of the utility slots on the Teradata server. Hi Raj I am having issues running the script u shared. Cannot load tables that have secondary indexes. A stopped load can make it difficult to regain access to the target table.

Please let me know if you have already have a working solution for it. Yes, feel free to contact me if you have issues.

Operators in the Teradata Parallel Transporter

Fastest way to export high-volume data. Provide parameters with the syntax shown below:. Subscribe to Blog via Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts teradata parallel transporter email. For time being just remember: We will try teradata parallel transporter cover it in our future posts.


Filter the communication through your Teradata account team. The current situation is good for this approach as we’ll be loading two different copies of STAGE data for Production eventually on two different systems and if one fails, we want both to fail – need to keep them in ‘sync’, etc.!

Every Teradata Partners Conference since has had a customer present their success story including the Partners conference. To use a graphical interface to build the SQL query to use to import your data, select Build a Query.

Teradata Parallel Transporter (TPT) introduction with basic structure of creation of TPT script

When integrating large amounts of data from your Teradata database into MicroStrategy, you can take advantage of Teradata’s Parallel Transporter functionality. When you configure the connector as a target, consider the advantages and disadvantages of each operator before you select a load method.

Will keep you posted and if we have issues, can we get with you? The reason primarily I was not doing it because there are other blogs which already cover it. So the new Schema definition looks like. Overview Articles Reference Training.


Check with your Teradata account manager since you most likely already have the proper licenses for Parallel Transporter. Teradata parallel transporter script is as below: Hi Karan I added below two steps in tpt script to get the data trajsporter row count: Like, I have to extract data from padallel database table in keep in Teradata database table without landing in file. JK – Swift Trans. General tab Report Details Properties dialog box: Cannot load tables that have unique secondary indexes.

Setting Up the Environment for Using Teradata Parallel Transporter

Execution Plan was not generated. Designed using Hoot Ubix. To manually type or paste a query to import your data, select Type a Query. You most likely already have it.