A Standard Normal Waypoint. Waypoints are what makes all of these things possible. The waypoints are not displayed while the game is being played. You may have waypoints that are close enough to each other, but across a wide gap that would be too wide to jump. There’s a one-way connection from the upper waypoint to the ladder waypoint at an angle where the Bot won’t use the ladder resulting in broken legs , there’s no connection from the ladder waypoint to the top and worst of all would be the only Path Bots could take to reach this position. Certain waypoints will be disallowed as reachable for one reason or another.

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Waypoints are stored in a file with the same name as the map file name but using the extension “. Another useful command for testing waypoints is the debuggoal command.

counter strike 1.3 podbot 2.5

If the waypoint file does not exist, you will 11.3 to create it using the directions contained in this document. To set crouch waypoints, simply crouch when adding the waypoint. If you’re struggling to find team members, or just want to be challenged by the computer, you can add bots instead of other living players. When creating or editing a waypoint file it is best NOT to have any bots wandering around at the same time. In that special case they wouldn’t find a near enough waypoint they only search in-between Units and get stuck forever.


Try to be careful with the radius. If the connection is a two-way connection the line is yellow, one-way connections appear white. The actual Waypoint Number you’re standing on, will be shown in the upper corner podvot your HUD if you turned pathwaypoint on. Without the waypoints the bots will just randomly run around and will tend to stay in the same area.

Waypoints are locations in the maps that the bots will use when navigating. This prevents you from accidentally removing a waypoint on the other side of the room. I’ll try to explain: Using ” waypoint save ” will podbot 2.5 for cs 1.3 the waypoint data to the waypoint file.

Let’s take a look down from the upper waypoint: The first, ” blockwithhostage ” is rarely used. For precise movement a wayzone radius of 0 should be assigned instead.

Using ” waypoint delete ” will remove the waypoint closest to the player. Bots with podbot 2.5 for cs 1.3 advanced waypoint information and algorithms would be able to find the shortest distance between points in the map and navigate from their current position to some goal on the other side of the map.

This is necessary in some cases where you may have a door that opens from one side and allows you to go through but once the door closes you can’t go back through the other way. In most cases you need to connect the waypoints manually by using pathwaypoint see below. Luckily there is a button at the left of the picture so if the Bot heads off to press it, there’s a chance he will approach the ladder from a better side.


The Bots will try to take cover at waypoints. The ‘w’ key for “write waypoints” will save the list of waypoints to the waypoint file. Autowaypointing keeps track of where the last waypoint was dropped either manually or from autowaypointing and will place another waypoint when you are units from the last waypoint.

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Go to the “Options” screen and click podbot 2.5 for cs 1.3 “Keyboard. TS Jordan is an Ohio licensed attorney living and practicing out of the Cleveland area. For example, waypoints suspended in mid-air above the bot would not be considered 13. since the bot couldn’t jump high enough to get to them.

You must start the game with the console option enabled use ” hl. The ‘d’ key will delete a waypoint. Playing with such waypoints would result in Bots circling around a single waypoint just because the waypointer forgot about connecting them.

How to Add Bots in “Counter-Strike”

This allows you to fly and you don’t collide with walls. He has been writing professionally for less than a year. You will have to use double quotes on the console command if it’s more than one word.