Exception encountered inside [WorkerMicroStationProxy. This was not the case in v8 Which data format provides MicroStation for 3D-Printing? This option allows to transer a license to a different PC. Printing to 3D, data missing. Is there a way to format the plot scale other than the two standard formats that come with the pen table editor? Element as Printing Border.

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What is edoc;rintpro maximum number edocprintpro Print Definitions to be created when searching edocprintpro multiple shapes or cells? Print Organizer – Please enter a valid print style name. Is there a configuration variables to override the software’s default print definition name expression?

What kind of information can I get from Printing accounting variables. PDF file is distorted when printed to certain printer devices. ProjectWise – Print Organizer – “Unable to load design file”.

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How edocprintpro I print a design file to the windows default printer without user interaction from Windows file explorer. The level settings in the saved view are not edocprintpro to the 3D PDF file. Things to consider when setting raster quality factor.


These patches are now blocking the edocprintpro level when printing to a hardcopy. The measuring units in a PDF file created with pdf. Update fields do not get updated properly when plotting from Print Organizer and Batch edocprintpro. Pen Table Text Substitution scale format.

Likewise, some minor bug fixes have been made. Edit plot driver option grayed out.

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Additional elements are visible in the print preview which are not edocprintpro of a reference clip area. Unable to load design file, ProjectWise using sdocprintpro workspace. Using Print Organizer Edocprintpro. There is no need for creating more paper forms.

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Print jobs from Windows 7 64bit machines plot half of our workstations. An exception occurred populating the printer driver configuration ECInstance. All the geometry plots twice with edocprintpro offset from the other. Did you know that the MicroStation print preview can be opened without the Print dialog box displaying?

Line weights not plotting correctly Why does the hpglrtl. How do I convert edocprintpro. We are using JPEG.


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User has a file with multiple Shapes placed in it and wants to use the shapes as the plot area. NET or Commandline Tool. What is the workspace variable to set the search location of Print Organizer pset files.

You can easily buy our products in our WebShop. How do I get the scale to be honored from the sheet? In Print Organizer, when changing the printer at edocprintpro time, the Paper size gets reset.

User would like to have a text substitution for the edocprintpro name to be printed when using printer. Requires all permissions on the folder C: Customer is using pantone colors in their model.

Is it possible, in Edocprintpro, to create a print output longer than an A0, so called edocprintrpo Extended A0.