So there are things he will definitely not touch upon. Type the above number: Danish Sait photo courtesy: The News Minute newsletter Sign up to get handpicked news and features sent to your inbox. Some of the accents were picked by Sait and his sister Kubra, who is also an actor, while waiting for their mother to finish up at the supermarket she ran in Diamond District.

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Danish Sait – Profile on EVENTFAQS Media for Live Quotient

Comedian Danish Sait takes customer calls in empty govt office, it’s howlarious. Then the conversation would danixh. Or maybe your college principal reminds you of him. They knew he is not good looking. The caller on the other end is apparently complaining about a power cut in Frazer town. By the end of the call, Nograj made the hapless boy declare that he had sisterly feelings towards the girl.

damish I think what I did with these voices was I took danish sait prank calls streets to sxit radio. The News Minute newsletter Sign up to get handpicked news and features sent to your inbox. Were the callers real? InSait put on traditional Mysuru headgear, a pair of sunglasses, a thick moustache, and a white shirt and did a Facebook Live. Danish Sait as Nograj. The demand for Nograj has been insatiable. In a rather amusing Facebook live, the Humble Politician Nograj actor ended up taking calls for the government office!


What will Nograj do on the big screen? I’ve spent the last few years creating content to power myself and to power brands! Kubra and Pank would laugh uncontrollably and go around chanting art patient, art patient.

I was diagnosed with depression and I moved back to Bengaluru. The film did extremely well in the Southern markets as well as overseas.

The ticker that read Vicky loves Sunaina was perhaps fake. Danish Sait photo courtesy: Danish once again tells the caller that they had also come to complain, but there was no one in office. Humble politician Nograj is a political satire, it captures the journey of a politician and his ambitions. I received the Outlook Pran Media Award for being the first person in the country to turn a character that started on the internet to a full fledged film. It was hard to tell.

The crossover to movies was waiting to happen. Ambition drove Sait to danish sait prank calls at a bigger set-up in Dubai and under one of his radio icons, Kritika Rawat.


‘Nograj will get 6,000 likes when he writes hi ladies,’ says creator Danish Sait

An early precursor to his future in the entertainment industry was during his high school years in Bengaluru. Being Funny has made me Money! Sait summoned up his experiences of growing up in Bengaluru.

Ccalls a child I wanted to be a TV star. Radio jockeying proved to be hard but highly fulfilling work. I also heard wonderful accents — a Pakistani Danish sait prank calls scent to a Mallu settled in the Gulf.

I actually did it and the man admitted it! At this point, the phone rings once again, and Danish, much to the amusement of others who had also come to the office, decides to pick up the phone once again. There are five or six people waiting outside the office, including an army man.

He was a terrific orator.