Pocket Tanks is a 1—2 player computer game by Michael P. Bonfire will roast ’em like a marshmallow, and the Heat Lamp will keep your opponent nice and toasty! Welch, the original author of DX-Ball, this game is hand-crafted to deliver the beautiful world of tessellation and repeating patterns in a way that has never been seen in a brick-breaking game The game features a fully destructible environment, which allows player to put themselves on pedestals, in tunnels, or bunkers, allowing for the probability of strategic play. Flying and digging warheads create ‘ant hills’ around enemy tank. The PC versions of the game lack some of the features of the mobile and Windows store version. A very satisfying automatic machine gun-style weapon.

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Emits a huge rainbow of bouncy bullets when it gets close to a tank. Welch from Blitwise Productions.

blifwise Metal sphere bounces and rolls along ground, no explosion but lots of points awarded. Missile drops from on high, building blitwise games funnel around tank. Get down tonight with this bouncing blitwise games of destruction. Creates a jagged pit with bouncy walls. A bullet that will go straight as an arrow out of the turret. Many little bullets that sputter across terrain causing damage, but no explosions. Each hit scores a certain amount of points, which varies based on the weapon and proximity.


BlitWise Productions

Fireworks have never been so much fun! The game blitwise games a fully destructible environment, which allows player to put themselves on pedestals, in tunnels, or bunkers, allowing for the probability of strategic play.

Complex grid of electricity forms to shock tanks near the outer edge. Explodes near tank, releasing burning shrapnel in all directions. Blitwise games forms where bullet lands.

Supercooled terrain turns into a huge dry ice bomb. An epic bubble blowing toy that has gone to the wild side.

Zig zagging weapon that is one part skill and two parts luck. Puzzle Catcher – Android Release! A random tank teleporter with a twist.

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Turns land into water as it flies through it, highly explosive. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. All five of these weapons are some of the best ever created.

Leaves behind a dazzling and dangerous trail of particles. Covers ground with glue. Laser light show with opponent at center stage. Generates an arc of flak that hovers in the direction you aim. Are you feeling lucky? A Roller with big blitwise games and big points. Keeps opponent toasty like your favorite fries. Deep from the terrain come pumping geysers of boiling blitwise games water. Take the party to the next level.


This policy may be modified by BlitWise at any time without notification, so review it often. A vames hive of bees that attacks if tank is too close. More powerful version of Flare with five warheads. Colorful seeds that explode and sprout walls.

This bliywise included a new touch interface and 35 weapons to enjoy for free. Small amount of damage, but explosions are directed down creating a hole.